Sharing a Story Through Sand Animation

This video shows just another way to share story…another beautiful example of someone willing to use their unique blend of skill, gifts and talents to share a story. What are your unique gifts and talents that define how you share your story?

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7 Traits of People That Make a Difference

Making a Difference

photo by Bruce Turner on flikr

As one travels this life journey, there are certain people that leave their thumbprint on our lives and on the lives around them. I have friends who do this well…and I marvel. As I think of friends and mentors that leave their thumbprints so effectively on lives around them, 7 traits come to mind. Traits that I’d like to have more in my life. Traits that will help us leave our thumbprint on the lives around us, helping us be a difference-maker.

Note: I originally started writing this post 8-9 months ago. One of my close friends had just been re-diganosed with pancreatic cancer. She came to mind over and over as I pondered the traits of those that make a difference in others’ lives. In early January, Brenda  passed away. Her  name comes up throughout this post. Since I wrote most of this post while she was still living, the post is written in present tense when it comes to her life. I publish this in remembrance of someone who made a huge difference in many lives.

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I’m Scared

Living with courage

photo by Jonathan.vail on flickr

I wrote this post nearly 6 months ago. I’ve heard many times that living courageously is not living without fear, but moving forward in spite of fear. This was one of those moments. I was making a financial decision that scared me. Usually I want all my ducks lined up in a row when it comes to making a financial decision. In this scenario not all the ducks were lined up, yet I went ahead anyway. Six months later the decision is working well. Here are my thoughts from that morning.

Today I do something I’ve never done before. I’m scared. I”m scared that just maybe it’s the wrong choice. I’m scared of the potential long term effects. I’m scared because I’m not 100% sure it’s the right decision.

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The Beauty of Small

Small Flower

photo by Satoru Kikuchi on Flikr

Small is beautiful. Katie Tallo, from Momentum Gathering, gets credit for spurring the thoughts behind this post. Her post, Small is Beautiful, caught my attention.

A couple of years ago I moved from a small town to a metro area. Seven years prior, I had moved to the small town after living in metro areas for the past 20 years. I run a small business. I lived in a small apartment. I am a small family (me!). I have a small circle of close friends.

Small is Beautiful.

In Katie’s words:

Small is beautiful. Small cities mean a greater sense of connection, ease of movement and self-sustainability. A small house, a small car, a small Christmas are all easier, more affordable, more peaceful and more spacious. Small means you have time and space for the lovely in life.

It makes me want to embrace small even more.

I treasure connection. Small seems to welcome connection. Yesterday I connected one-on-one with a lifetime friend I hadn’t seen for 20+years. It felt whole.

I want time and space for the lovely in life. Small invites that.

How is small a part of your life?

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Live Today

Live Today

Time and a sense of wonder.

In early December, I attended a funeral for a 4 month old baby boy. In early January, I attended a funeral of a close friend. Such moments invite us to ponder the gift of time and the gift of moments—and what will we do with those gifts.

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My Top 5 Books in 2011

I’m an avid reader. One of my favorite things to find out, especially from mentors and other leaders, are the books that have impacted them. In this post, I return the favor.

Here are the books that have influenced me the most this past year. My focus this past year has been to get out of the rut of ‘comfort and ease’ and really push myself to discover what it means to be a Creative Entrepreneur.

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Embrace Lifes’ Hungers

Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it—every, every moment?  -Emily Gibbs, in Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Life is. . .about a greater hunger that is beyond words and food…Life is worth living in and of itself. Life cannot be satisfied when it is lived out as a consuming entity. -Ravi Zacharias

Have you noticed how many hungers there are in life? They might also be referred to as yearnings, desires, longings. My guess is you’ve experienced a number of these hungers. The hunger for truth, the hunger for love, the hunger for knowledge, the hunger to belong, the hunger to express, the hunger for justice, the hunger of the imagination, the hunger for significance. The list goes on. The hunger for creativity, the hunger for relationship, the hunger for family, the hunger for acceptance.

Too often we try to bury the hungers of life.

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The 6 Steps to Listening Well

Listening Well

Photo by Striatic on Flikr

Great listeners make great friends. They also make great mentors, great coaches, great leaders.

The simple act of listening well gives value to those around you. How do we listen well?

Be Quiet!

Someone that listens well doesn’t feel the need to fill quiet with words.

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Photo by Nishanth Jois on Flickr

There is power behind contentment. Not an overt power that seeks to control, but an inner power that says I’m ok with who I am. This kind of power seeks to serve, seeks to make a difference, seeks to make the world a better place.

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The Secret of a Good Leader

Great leaders are great followers

Photo by Saxon on Flickr

The secret of leading well is to follow well. I’ve worked with many leaders over the years. The ones that left the biggest impact are those that also followed well. They also happen to be the the ones I most enjoyed working with.

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