How to Invite Creativity Into Our Lives: Get Physical

Live Creatively: Get Physical, Exercisephoto by woodleywonderworks on Flickr

We live in an intensive left-brain world. We think linearly. We plan strategically. We check off our to-do lists methodically. And, our creative right-side brain seldom gets a chance for expression. If we don’t intentionally shut down our left-brain, the gift of creativity inside of us dies.

It’s time to escape! One of the best ways to temporarily escape from the intensive left-brain world and invite creativity into our lives is through exercise.

It might be a walk, a bicycle ride, or a pilates workout. Or, maybe it’s 20 minutes in the swimming pool, or an hour at the gym. Whatever it is, exercising helps shut off the chatter of the left brain and gives our right-side brain a chance for creative expression.

The silencing of the chatter awakens our creativity. We move from left-brain linear thinking to right-brain whole thinking. We see the forest instead of the trees, the whole instead of the parts, the 5 yr plan instead of the next hour.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise improves mood. Exercise boosts energy. Exercise promotes better sleep. All of these benefits only increase the creative expression in our lives.

Motion is life. When we exercise, we expand our mental and emotional range. We experience a broader range of emotions.  Our creative abilities deepen.

In today’s society, we adapt to intensive left-brain activity very early in life in order to be successful. We do it in school to get passing grades. Later, we do the same to be successful at work. We can easily get stuck in left brain dominant thinking.

In order to spark creativity, we need to escape this pattern of thinking. We need to force ourselves out of the left brain momentarily to give our right-side brain a chance for creative expression.

The worlds needs more than our to-do lists. It needs our creativity.

Let’s get moving. Let’s exercise. How has exercise played a role in your creative journey?

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